Update on ovulation…

Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

So l had my period earlier this month and it was all good. About 4 days after l finished, l had a dream where l was trying to use my ovulation stick in the bathroom. I woke up a few mins afterwards with the dream still very vivid in my mind. I had actually started using the Clearblue Ovulation sticks the month before but it had always been negative. However, l had to admit that l had never had a dream about ovulation before so l ran to the bathroom with the stick and …. it had a positive smiley face!!! I screamed my hubby’s name( he was getting ready for work while l was on a short break) and started shouting and dancing around the house..I’M OVULATING!!( looking back now, l dread to think what the neighbours would say).

Anyway, let’s just say my hubby was..ahem…late for work that day lol! I’m trusting God that my tubes are completely unblocked so by His Grace, l will sing a new song very soon.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week ahead!

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7 Responses to Update on ovulation…

  1. ewuraabena says:

    Happy for u. Sooo happy.

  2. jcsgrl says:

    Omg my dear I had not visited your blog in a while only to stop by today and get this awesome news. I’m so thrilled for you and praying earnestly for a manifestation of his word. God will do it for us IJN

  3. niki says:

    Oh wow. Long time. Been meaning to come on. Thank God for this news. God is so faithful

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