Private lVF planned-Aug 2015

Hi everyone.

So by His Grace, we are planning a private IVF next August. By then, the Serrapeptase supplements should have completed their magic on my ovaries and Fallopian tube. The other supplements should have increased my chances by then too.

We had thought the referral letter to the hospital would help with fertility tests but we have been getting conflicting letters whether it should be allowed on the NHS or not since we were only allowed one NHS lVF treatment so it’s better to have a contingency plan.

In fact, maybe even two contingency plans…. adoption might be on the cards too. We are friends with a much older couple who recently adopted a gorgeous little boy and my hubby’s heart has been taken since then. May God guide us right, Amen

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Private lVF planned-Aug 2015

  1. Jane says:

    May God’s will be done.I will keep you in my prayers.

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