Thanksgiving Sunday

Hi everyone and happy thanksgiving Sunday!

Yes it’s a new month and by His Grace, new blessings. As we enter the seventh month of the year, l can’t help but look back on the last six months and thank God for His favours. Finally, l’ve found a supplement that has relieved me of the horrible pain l’ve had to endure for a long, long time. Despite the setback of my regular periods, there is still no pain. Yes, l’m yet to find out if my cyst has decreased in size and if my fallopian tube is now open but one fact is sure; Serrapeptase WORKS!! I can’t say it enough; it worked (and is still working) for me. In fact, l have even stopped acupuncture although that had more to do with work schedules. Every 2 weeks, l found myself racing against time to make it to Central London before 7pm after closing at 6 and if you are familiar with London’s rush hour, you would know it’s not an easy feat especially as l don’t get to my 1st train until 6.15. Anyway, l had to stop and it could have been what triggered the incessant bleeding but it would be wrong to speculate.

I don’t know how long l have to take Serrapeptase (and other supplements) for but l have to continue until l get pregnant or go through another lVF cycle. I’m just completely grateful to God that l can now function properly without the terrible pain that can grip me without notice. I remember early last year when l was out with a good friend of mine. We had just had a late lunch in Angel catching up on old times and had tickets for a comedy show in East London. On the Overground train to the East End, the pain came out of nowhere; deep, twisting, throbbing pain that had me gasping and clutching my stomach. Suffice to say, l had to head back home and my friend had to go on her own(she had bought the tickets). I can’t wait to return the favour this year and l know we’ll have a swell time!

Life is too short and l intend to make the most of it. Thank you Jesus for your Favours and Blessings. Have a blessed week, everyone and thanks for reading.


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One Response to Thanksgiving Sunday

  1. marissacarey says:

    So glad to read this! I had stopped taking the serrapeptase, but started again the day after my surgery. I’m going to keep taking it because in spite of her not seeing anything, I am still not convinced that I don’t have it.

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