60 year old woman gives birth.

60-Year-Old-Woman-Births-Baby-Through-IVFHi everyone. Hope you are all having a nice midweek.

My dad sent me an email with this attachment on Monday and his prayer was that it wouldn’t take me this long to receive my own blessing. Hmmm… it took her 30 years of marriage! 30 long painful years all gone the minute she held her baby in her arms. Sometimes you read a story that makes one’s struggles pale in comparison. l was just completely overwhelmed ; she’s indeed blessed with an amazing husband.

My sisters, my prayer is that God will do it for all of us too IN HIS OWN TIME, AMEN

Thanks for reading

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One Response to 60 year old woman gives birth.

  1. niki says:

    Amen! Most definately soon.

    This blogger is so faith filled. Read her latedt post

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