Mum @ 48

Nike-Oshinowo-for-Hello-Magazine-May-2014-BellaNaija.com_-445x600Hi everyone. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I came across this story on Stella’s blog and l couldn’t help but marvel at The Lord’s goodness. Nike Oshinowo has always been someone l’ve greatly admired particularly because she was the first Nigerian woman that spoke out about having endometriosis. I remember reading her story and crying because she was describing my pain and frustration. Finally, here was someone l could identify with. It wasn’t limited to a particular race and it could affect any woman out there. lf you have infertility staring at you hard in the face and all your married friends are already finished with childbirth, it can be a very lonely place. No matter how close those friends are, they can never understand what you are going through. Only someone going through the same pain can truly understand.

Now, she’s finally a mother and l’m just thanking God for answering her prayers. I don’t know if she actually gave birth to them herself or she went down the surrogacy route. Frankly, l don’t care. As an elderly sister told me in church some months ago, it doesn’t matter how you become a mother as long as God puts His Stamp on the children meant for you. Congratulations, Nike on your beautiful twins!!!! God has promised not to leave us or forsake us and His Word is TRUE.

Thanks for reading.


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6 Responses to Mum @ 48

  1. drnsmusings says:

    Never knew she has Endo. How she managed to stay in d limelight…..Very courageous

    • Hi sis, it’s been a while. Hope you are doing great. Yes, she has been battling with the disease for a long time – since her teenage years actually. God is just amazing. Imagine, double blessings at 48!

  2. Enitan says:

    She had them via a surrogate – she shared that in the interview

  3. jcsgrl says:

    She used a gestational surrogate but the eggs were hers. I’m happy for her too. Reminds me of this couple that were family friends growing up. They were the only couple I knew married for 20 yrs wo kids. They decided to adopt 3 kids later and let me tell you those kids are now in college just 18 yrs ltr. Its like she didn’t miss anything. See how time flew

    • Wow! I’ve heard that too from people who had fertility issues. Once the children come, all the pain, heartache and sorrow simply melt away. Honestly, l know l just can’t wait for my own miracle, whichever way God decides to bless me with it.

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