10170010Hi everyone. Hope you all had a lovely week.

Work has been pretty hectic at the moment and my commute isn’t helping much either. If you are familiar with the Tube, you’ll understand what l mean. My journey is almost 2 hours each way and l have to stand pretty much almost all the time save for the few days when l manage to get a seat. Sometimes, l have to stand almost nose to nose with someone because the train is always full and when it’s a person who doesn’t count brushing or showering as a big deal, you can just imagine how much fun the journey will be! Why am l saying all these, you might say? Well, l know l haven’t been consistent with my postings lately and this is the reason why. Please bear with me and thanks so much for the continuing support, encouragement and prayers.

l wasn’t able to make church today as l’ve been feeling very dizzy and nauseous . No, it’s not what you are thinking or at least l don’t think so by my calculations. I must have eaten something that disagreed with me because l’ve been trying out some new recipes. Anyway, l have taken some time to read about Wheatgrass and it’s benefits ( a blog sister gave me the helpful tip) and l have decided against my better judgement to buy the powder form. I have read the reviews and most people complained about the taste but it’s just that swallowing pills everyday can take it’s toll on one.  Besides, the same reviews did say it was an acquired taste so maybe l’ll get used to it. I’ll use it in my juices every morning and post about the results. I’ll buy Naturya Organic Wheatgrass powder from Boots tomorrow. I also bought the Ovulation kit from Boots on Friday and will wait for my period (due in a couple of days) before using.

Thanks for reading.

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