New Spring in my step!

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Spring is finally here. Well, officially it started on the 1st of March but the clocks went forward today so it really feels like it just arrived. Anyway, this is the 1st Spring in a long time without pain and discomfort so l can’t help but praise God for His Mercies. This year really looks bright with possibilities and by His Grace, there will be amazing testimonies to share.

I was at the acupuncturist on Friday and even she was amazed at the change in me( l had not been there since l started using Serrapeptase)  Asked about the HSG test but they don’t offer the service there . She also mentioned it might cost up to £400 to have it done privately. l’ll have to take time off work to see the GP then since Saturday appts are fully booked. It doesn’t make sense to pay for something you’re entitled to on the NHS. It’s just that The NHS is just too slow and l’m clearly excited to know if my tube is unblocked. l guess l have to be patient for just a little while longer.

Meanwhile, my period is due in a few days and l remember wishing last week that it shouldn’t fall on a weekday then l remembered that l’m now pain free! Hmmm.. old habits die hard. Thank God for a new lease on life! Thank you, my endo sisters for all your prayers, encouragement and good wishes. May God bring a new spring in your steps too, Amen

Thanks for reading.

PS- Caligal, how’s Serrapeptase working for you? Jcsgrl, how’s the fertility cleanse? Please let us know, sisters.

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15 Responses to New Spring in my step!

  1. marissacarey says:

    So glad I found your blog! I’ve been suffering from endo for years, and in fact have a lap scheduled this coming July. I started serrapeptase today, and I’m really hoping it works. I’ve been researching a ton and everything points to how wonderful it is. Thanks again and God bless!
    Marissa in Texas, USA

    • Hey Marissa, thanks so much for your comment. It’s always great to connect with another endo sister.
      Serrapeptase, for me, is just the best option for endo. You just can’t go wrong with it. Here’s wishing you a pain free future! Please keep in touch and God bless you too, sis.

  2. jcsgrl says:

    Hey dear I just finished the cleanse o…no visible changes yet. The only thing is my period came like clock work last month but now its late (I’m not pregnant btw). We’ll see. The cleanse was supposed to prepare my body for conception…we’ll see how nxt mth goes. Even if nothing happens, I will keep taking the supplements though

    • Hey sis! Great to hear from you. Another blog sister, Lishi has decided to start a fertility cleanse too.
      Here’s wishing you loads of baby dust next month. You will definitely share your testimony by God’s Grace, Amen. God bless

  3. Caligal says:

    Hi Sis! It’s so great to read your progress. I am so happy that you are pain free…there really is hope for us. I haven’t taken Serrapeptase or Nattokinase since my last update. But I have noticed a great reduction in my level of pain during my past two periods. I don’t know if this improvement is a result of the dosage I took two months ago or whether the acupunture I have had the past 7 months has better regulated my system. Whatever it is, my level of pain is manageable now with over the counter pain reliever. I am not ruling out taking these supplements again. Your progress gives me so much hope. I might just resume taking them again in a month or two, depending on my progress.

  4. So good to hear from you, sis. It’s been a long while. I’m so happy your level of pain is now manageable. Is there any reason you stopped taking the supplements so we can learn from your experience?

    • Caligal says:

      I stopped taking the supplements because I was experiencing cramp-like symptoms a little over a week after I began taking the supplements. I decided to take a day or two off the meds to see if the cramps would subside, which it did. I later read that cramp-like symptoms are normal initially but it gradually wears off as the body gets used to the medication. My subsequent period was somewhat manageable with over the counter pain reliever, and since then I haven’t resumed taking the supplements.

  5. Caligal says:

    Hi Sis:
    Hope you are feeling much better. So, I decided to resume taking serrapeptase and nattokinasse. Your update about being completely pain free encouraged me to give it another try. I started taking the supplements 7days ago, and 4 days into it, the cramp-like feelings I experienced my first go at it reared its ugly head. Did you or anyone else who experienced similar symptoms initially take any over the counter pain reliever (paracetamol etc) to help with the pain management until your body got accustomed to it?

    • Great to hear from you, sis. Thanks for the concern; l’m feeling much better. The Wheatgrass l’ve just started taking is helping too.
      Sorry to hear about the cramp returning. I did have some cramps and ovarian cyst pain too and l remembering taking some pain relievers because it was really uncomfortable esp the cyst pain.
      How long have you had the cramps now? Is it really bad or just uncomfortable?

  6. Caligal says:

    I have had the cramps for 4 days. It is uncomfortable-kind of like a pms type cramps. I had to take Tylenol to help with the pain I was experiencing, and so far it has helped a lot. I also place a hot water bottle around the affected area and that also gives me some relief. I was a bit concerned whether taking a pain reliever would somehow hamper the intended effect of the Serrapeptase and Nattokinase, and thought I should ask you and others about your experience. I am hoping that with time, I would not have to take the Tylenol again. Glad to hear you are feeling much better. Stay strong, and God bless!

    • Hmm… 4 days. That’s a long time to have the cramps. Mine was shorter but l guess everyone’s experience is different. Pls, by all means use the pain killers and pls let me know when the pain subsides. If it goes on longer than a week nonstop , you might to have stop using it.
      However , l should point out that l use Serrapeptase only and not the Nattokinase combo. Might that be the reason? Will do some research on the combination and get back to you. Get better soon

      • Hi Sis, I’ve been researching for a while now but found nothing regarding the symptoms you described when using the combo. How are you now? Are the cramps gone? Pls respond

  7. Caligal says:

    Thanks sis for the update! I am doing much better – thank God. I have also been researching but could not find anything about my symptoms. After reading your previous post where you indicated that you only take Serrapeptase, I decided to stop taking the Nattokinase and viola, my pain stopped. For two days, I haven’t taken any Tylenol or placed a hot water bottle around my abdomen. I don’t know whether the combination of both supplements caused the pain I experienced. But I am now feeling so much better. I was going to post an update when I got home from work, but you beat me to it – lol. Thanks so much for all the work you do sharing the info you come across about dealing with this very painful disease. May God bless you, and may our prayers be answered in Jesus name – Amen.

    • Really? That’s great. So it must have been the combination then although it’s still odd that the pain went on for so long. I guess everyone reacts differently .Thank God it’s gone now and you are much better.
      Thanks for the prayers, Sis. We will all share amazing testimonies together by God’s Grace, Amen. Pls keep in touch

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