Period pain finally gone!

Hi everyone

I can’t tell you how good it feels to share this news but finally, NO MORE PERIOD PAIN!!! Not even the scale of 2 when l was just on acupuncture. No more paracetamol. Let me give you the gist of how it went:

So on Friday, l was in this long meeting at work that went on into lunch time( not that l was looking forward to that anyway) and then, to make matters worse, my colleague ordered pizza for everyone! Boy, was l upset! I had to sit through the meeting watching everyone gobble up pizza slices like they were going out of fashion. My excuses that l was averse to wheat were met with blank stares and half hearted murmurs of sympathy. l had to defer my lunch time so no one could actually see what l had to eat. For the umpteenth time, l wondered whether the endo diet was worth all the sacrifices l was making. I was tired of avoiding the snack corner in the office. I just wanted the day to be over.

Fast forward to later that evening at home in the bathroom, l noticed the sign that my time of the month had arrived. As usual, l braced myself for the normal backache that was to follow but nothing came! I shrugged it off thinking by the next day, Saturday it will really kick off. Saturday arrived and l was up bright and early having had a very restful sleep. Still no backache or lower tummy ache, no need for paracetamol either and l was in full flow. I simply took my Serrapeptase with warm water and started doing the house chores. Actually, l was busy until 5pm! I cooked, cleaned, washed, scrubbed, and vacuumed to my heart’s content. My hubby had to ask me repeatedly if l was actually on my period! He couldn’t believe the energy that l had. The last time l felt this normal during my period was probably back in Lagos before l ever heard of anything called Endometriosis.

Ladies, l kid you not. These supplements work. The endo diet works. God is indeed good all the time. I can’t thank Him enough for pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to Period pain finally gone!

  1. koolblend says:

    Just nominated you for an award, pick it up on my blog. Btw lovely blog you’ve got here

  2. nik says:

    wow. God does open doors. I am eagerly waiting for your testimony

    • Thanks sis! Believe it, God is indeed faithful. Still can’t believe l’m pain free after all these years.
      By His Grace, we shall all have amazing testimonies very soon, Amen

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