Endometriosis Month -Worldwide March

10007528_258230714355230_106674177_n Hi everyone.

This is our month, endo sisters! The month when we get worldwide recognition for this horrible disease and Nigeria is finally waking up to this fact by taking her place among nations worldwide on Saturday, the 8th of March.

The walk seeks to educate, empower and effect change while improving the living standard for females, young and old. The march will kick off at 8.00 am on Saturday at  Muri Okunnola Park, Victoria lsland and end at Onikan Stadium, Surulere. To top it all, we have a Nollywood celebrity, Rita Dominic who will lending her weight to the march and hopefully create more awareness for endo.

The official UK Million Woman March will take place in London on Thursday, the 13th of March. It’s quite unfortunate that it’s on a week day; l would have loved to attend and l’m sure there would be thousands of women like me who would have to miss it because of work commitments.  However, that doesn’t dispute the fact that it’s a fantastic event. Endo has baffled doctors worldwide for years and has made life unbearable for most women with the disease. Hopefully, as it gets more recognition worldwide, there would be a greater chance of a cure and our female children would never have to go through what we did.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Endometriosis Month -Worldwide March

  1. jcsgrl says:

    Oh good you put it up. I just saw it on a blog and thought of you. By the grace of God, much needed help will come to women suffering in silence from this disease. Btw, I found out a friend of mine suffers from this disease but she dey born like chicken. I guess it doesn’t affect fertilty in some people. I am healed from fibroids which were quite small and it affected me but have an inlaw that has huge fibroids and she takes in like no man’s biz and has healthy kids. Na wa o…diff strokes for diff people. Pardon my epistle jare

    • My sister, l hear you. Even known figures throughout history that had this condition suffered different fates too. If you google Queen Victoria (19th century UK monarch), you’ll find that it was rumoured that she had endo and she went on to have 9 children!! Yet Marilyn Monroe who had it too, suffered a number of miscarriages. Infact, her death was even alleged to have been because of addiction to painkillers due to endo!
      May God grant us the privilege to be mothers o.

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