30 days on Serrapeptase

Hi everyone,

It’s been 30 days on Serrapeptase and over a week on DIM and l should be decreasing the dosage(Serrapeptase) tomorrow. Hopefully, l have jump started the process and by His Grace, my fallopian tube should now be open.  No appointment yet at the GP so l might ask my acupuncturist how much a private aHSG test is at their practice. I guess l’m getting too excited but l’m just so relieved l found this supplement. I just feel so…..what’s the right word? Normal. Yes, that’s the word. No more horrible debilitating pain. No more uncontrollable bleeding (l still have Always in my bag…force of habit). No more dreading the onset of my time of the month. And by God’s Grace, no more operations. God is indeed good, all the time.

Thanks for reading

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4 Responses to 30 days on Serrapeptase

  1. endo ended says:

    So glad to hear that it has helped.I tried DIM myself but probably not long enough to tell if there was a difference.Thankfully I no longer have endo,thanks to Jesus.You have such a lovely little blog.
    God Bless

    • Thanks, sis. God bless you. So you no longer have endo? Pls share your experience

      • endo ended says:

        I tried a lot of alternative therapies (diets,acupuncture,cleanses,supplements etc) but it just was was never strong enough to make a significant difference and my pain was just getting worse and worse.I finally started getting better after I went to see a guy named John Mellor at one of his healing meetings where he prayed for me and about 1 month after my periods were never the same.He has a lot of youtube videos and I plan on sharing my full story on my website.Just in case you are interested here are some other endo Success stories http://www.pinterest.com/endoended/endo-curedhealedremission/ .The cause of endo can be so different from 1 girl to another ,some women find healing from a simple “endo diet” and xenoestrogen avoidance while other it just doesn’t make a difference but something like a parasite cleanses can heal them.I also started on a medication called Low dose naltrexone (LDN) (it was quite difficult to get a prescription) ,it s been used to help women with endometriosis get pregnant as well as for other sever illness.God bless sis.I hope that you find your healing.

        P.s Do you have Pinterest?

      • Thanks so much for sharing! Unfortunately l don’t have Pinterest; believe it or not, l’m quite a technophobe!

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