20 days on Serrapeptase

Hi everyone. Thanks so much for all the support, prayers, tips, experiences and encouragement. May God bless all our efforts, Amen.

It has been 20 days on Serrapeptase and l just continue to marvel at the changes in my body. God is just too good. The itching l mentioned in a previous post is gone. I have more energy, sleep better and just literally pain free! Well, not completely pain free; l did experience some ovarian cyst pain on Monday at about lunch time at work and it continued till l got home. Apart from that, l feel greeaatttt!!! Now speaking of lunch, l had to add bread to my diet. I know it sounds like l’m cheating but please hear me out. It’s actually the blandest tasting bread l have ever eaten so it’s more like suffering than cheating! It’s called Genius brown bread free from gluten, wheat and dairy, basically everything that can produce estrogen. I had a tough time trying to decide what to eat for lunch at work so l did some research on it and found a lot of positive reviews from endo sisters who eat gluten free bread so l decided to add it to my diet. It was really tough to find supermarkets that stock them but I eventually saw it in Sainsburys. I normally make a sandwich of 2 slices with sardines and kale veggies, no mayo or butter. Brown or wild rice is also good. I even found a Naija blog where you can cook jollof rice with brown rice! It’s called 9jafoodie.com although you have to be careful of the ingredients eg oil (olive oil in small quantities is the best), salt etc. I can’t wait to try it.

My African sisters, l can imagine how hard it must be to adhere to this diet especially when these types of food are so hard to find but please don’t give up. Research is key. If there’s no gluten free bread where you live, then try brown rice. Also, be careful with chicken as they can be full of estrogen unless they are organic. Fish has it’s own problems too. Apparently, there are some types that have very high levels of mercury which is bad for women trying to conceive. The ones that have low levels are sardines, salmon, mackerel (titus) etc. Mackerel comes with a warning though-king mackerel has a LOT of mercury- pls make sure it’s North Atlantic mackerel you buy. Pls do your research.

In other related news, my DIM plus supplement was finally delivered today so l’ll start using it tomorrow.l’m still trying to get an appt with my GP on a Saturday but no luck yet.

Thanks for reading.

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15 Responses to 20 days on Serrapeptase

  1. Olivia says:

    Hi sis. Just checking in with you to see how it is going! I also started taking Serra/Natto last week; my cycle has came and it was painfree with a good, steady, fresh flow (no clots, etc.). I’m also taking Spirulina (to help with cell repair) and Vitamin B6 100mg (to help regulate my cycle). Good luck to you!

    • Thanks sis, for checking in. Great to hear about your cycle. That’s really positive news and shows that these supplements are working.
      Mine is due in a few days. By His Grace, it will be completely pain free as well. I was actually debating whether to get add Spirulina to my list of supplements as well. I’m just not fully convinced on it’s use yet but it seems to be working wonders for you. Like l mentioned, l’ve been using DIM Plus since last week and l’ve just ordered Cq10 from Amazon today.
      Did you change your diet too? How are you coping?

    • Regarding vitamin B6, l’m also taking Pregnacare conception which contains all the vitamins and other micronutrients.

  2. Lishi says:

    Hi, I got a block tube as well. How long you have to use this? Can you try for a baby while you are on the drug? Which drugs you think will help me? I got a block tube and few miscarriages! Waiting for our second miracle for the last 3 years.

    • Hi sis, so sorry to hear about the miscarriages. l’ve been using Serrapeptase since February and the results have been amazing. According to the reviews online, there have been many women that have gotten pregnant while using the drug and that’s my aim too.
      I’m trying to have an HSG test done to see if my tube is now unblocked.
      What’s the underlying cause for your miscarriages? What’s your doctor’s diagnosis?

      • Lishi says:

        Hi Sis, thanks 4 your input. I had 5 pregnancies & only 1 success. I had 2 fibroid operations before my pregnancies & had a c section, which got infected? So all this operations & infections made scar tissues & fluid build in the tubes. I have done 3 unsuccessful ovulation inductions with IUI. Taken clomid 4 few months & since my last miscarriage in Sept 2012 I was on PP as well. I had done 2 laperoscopies. Nothing worked. 4 the last 19 months I didn’t even get pregnant!
        Have you heard about fertility cleanse kit & Fallopian wise fertility kit?
        I’m from Australia, here it is hard 2 find these products & doctors don’t believe on them, so u r a bit helpless.
        Is there any products 4 hydrosalpinx? Even if the tubes get unblock with Serrapeptase will the hair in the tubes function normally?
        Tc & love 2 all ladies

      • Wow, sis. So sorry to hear about your ordeal. Actually, a blog sister mentioned a fertility cleanse kit she bought from naturalfertilityshop.com. She’s currently using it. Please go on the website.
        You can try Serrapeptase too. Honestly, l know it can be very frustrating not getting all the help and support from doctors who only believe in surgeries which obviously makes everything worse.
        And yes, the hairs in the tubes should still work because there are a lot of success stories of Serrapeptase unblocked tubes out there!
        Pls stay strong, sis. You are not alone. By His Grace, you will testify to God’s Goodness very soon.

      • Lishi says:

        Thanks sis. Yes I’m feeling very strong again with your answers & reading all the stories from web. Will get the kits & the Serrapeptase ASAP. Will keep u posted. All my life I had faith in God. Even in the difficult times never lost the faith. So I hope & pray God will bless us soon. This is my last hope. Tc

      • Lishi says:

        Hey sis, do u know if u start the fertility cleanse kit & Fallopian wise fertility kit, can u try 4 baby @ the same time or u need 2 wait 4 few months before trying? Since these r Chinese herbals is it safe 4 the bub if u get pregnant? Tc

      • I’ve checked on the web for you. Many articles say it’s best to wait for 3-4 months before trying. They also say it’s not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers because of the toxins being flushed out.
        All d best, Sis n stay in touch. Sending baby dust your way with God’s Grace, Amen

      • Lishi says:

        Thanks sis. Will keep u posted. Tc

      • Lishi says:

        Hey sis, I got 2 more questions, which I have been looking on the web page & asked the natural fertility shop people but no luck. May be u can help me:-)
        1) can u take the fertility cleanser kit & the fallopian wise fertility kits both same time?
        2) how long do u use these kits for?
        Take care & God bless u

      • Hi sis! Found online that you need to use the fertility cleanser kit first and then the Fallopian kit afterwards.
        Fallopian kit is recommended for a minimum of 3 months. However, l couldn’t find out how long you need to use the Fertility cleanse for. Will keep searching.

      • Ok, so found out some more stuff.
        Fertility cleanse kit is a 30 day program. So start with the kit for 30 days, then go on to the Fallopian wise kit for 3 months. All the best, sis. Let us know how you are getting on.

        PS-Jcsgrl blog sister, please let us know how the Fertility cleanse is working for you. God bless you.

      • Lishi says:

        Thanks a lot sis, wow heaps of months! At least 8 months before trying. I’m 41 & time is running out 4 me:-( I have waited & tried so many things 2 have another baby & I guess I have 2 try this before it is 2 late 4 me. Have ordered the Serrapeptase so will start on that as soon as it comes. Hope & pray that will work 4 me. Going 2 see a herbal medicine specialist this Fri. Will talk 2 her about those products & order them. Tc

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