8 years and counting- To God be the glory

Hi everyone.

Hope you are looking forward to celebrating Valentine tomorrow. I know l am. Love is in the air and it’s got me thinking about our wedding 8 years ago. Yes, we celebrated our 8th year anniversary recently and l must say, it’s all down to God. I don’t know where we would be today without Him. If anyone had told me years ago that l would be celebrating my 8th year anniversary without kids and still be SANE and even better HAPPY, l would have said the person was saying the impossible.

I remember when we first got married and the years started passing by with no kids in sight and the endo getting progressively worse and dire with each operation. I felt then that l couldn’t care less if the world ended. After all, what was the point of all that suffering? Even worse, l felt no marriage can survive without kids. But now, it’s been 8 years!!! We are still married even through all the hiccups and our love is waxing stronger by the day. Even better, our faith in God has deepened to the level where we feel secure and safe in His Promise that His thoughts towards us are of good, not evil, to give us an expected end. We are no more afraid of what the future might hold because whatever happens, we have God. We are holding on to His Promise and nothing compares to that. If He can do it for Sarah and Hannah, then He will surely do it for me IN HIS OWN TIME. Also if it is in His Will that we have to go down the surrogacy or adoption route, then so be it. Meanwhile, l have to keep my faith and continue to seek for His guidance regarding knowledge and information on this terrible disease and also for the right route and decision to take.

Our anniversary was a quiet one- hubby couldn’t take time off due to work schedules- but we will definitely make time soon to celebrate by going away on holiday (can’t wait!). So this Valentine, l just want to thank God for the man in my life. He’s not perfect (far from it) but he’s perfect for me. Happy Valentine, sweetheart.

Quick update on Serrapeptase- lt’s been 14 days and l’ve just finished my period. My people, l kid you NOT. This supplement WORKS!!!! This has to be my best period ever. I mentioned in a previous post that l use painkillers for the first 2 days of my period despite acupuncture. Well, I still used some paracetamol on the 1st day but no where near the dosage l normally take and by the 2nd day, no more pain or cramps!! Combining the endo diet with this supplement really works. The pain l felt earlier when l started using it is now gone. My left side continues to improve esp during sleep. I’ve also lost 5 pounds in weight! The only other side effect l noticed is some itching on my legs. It comes and goes and after checking online, l noticed that some people have reported that too. But all in all, l’m very happy ; I’m now trying to get an appointment with my GP and see if l can have an HSG test to check if my fallopian tube has been unblocked.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic Valentine!!

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8 Responses to 8 years and counting- To God be the glory

  1. jcsgrl says:

    Aww congrats hun! Thats the spirit. Your latter days shall be bigger and greater than the former. You will indeed carry your children – biological and adopted. I have no doubt. You go look for birth control o…mark my words

  2. jcsgrl says:

    Oh and I’m glad your supplements are helping. Been taking nasty herbal stuff for 15days now. Chei what we women go through. Have you tried using castor oil packs and doing fertility massage? They really help with abdominal pain. I’m also taking enzymes for the scar tissues. You should see my cabinets filled with herbal meds. Odiegwu!

    • My sister, na so e be o. Honestly, taking the supplement and being on the endo diet is hard but l just have to think of my future children. May God bless our bitter struggles with the sweet cries of babies.
      I’m not familiar with castor oil and fertility massage. Will look it up. Do you do the massage yourself? Is it not painful/uncomfortable? What is the name of enzyme you are using for scar tissues?

      • jcsgrl says:

        I’m taking wobenzyme. Yes you do the massage yourself mainly on your abdomen. It can be uncomfy but that areas seems to come alive when I’m done…like blood is flowing. It could be in my head shaa

      • Wow! Wobenzyme and abdominal massage …You learn new things everyday. Will def do some research on them. Thanks sis

  3. Priscy says:

    God would do it for you in HIS OWN TIME like you stated. Keep the faith Alive and Burning. The devil will surely be put to shame

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