My 8th day on Serrapeptase……

Hi everyone. Hope you are all looking forward to the weekend.

Well, so far, thank God. This is my 8th day on Serrapeptase and it has been really good. No major side effects but only a little pain on both sides of my stomach and after researching, l found out that some other women with success stories, reported the same thing. Apparently, it means it is working on the cyst and also breaking up scar tissue on my fallopian tube (by God’s Grace). My sleeping pattern has continued to improve and l don’t feel the cyst as much when l turn on my left side. All in all, l feel great. My period is due in a few days and l can’t wait to see how much it has improved (who knew the day would come when l wouldn’t dread seeing it?) Acupuncture has helped a great deal but l still use paracetamol for the first 2 days. I’m certainly looking forward to the day when l would have a completely pain free period!

Now, all the articles, research and personal experiences l’ve read on this supplement highly recommend changing one’s diet completely for this supplement to work.  So once more, if you have endometriosis and you want to use Serrapeptase, you have to follow the endo diet-l made a post on this last year- otherwise, it wouldn’t work. I also mentioned in the post that l cheat and relax during weekends and nights out but for now, l am fully committed to this diet. No more cheating or eating forbidden foods for at least 6 months. I prayed for God’s strength and guidiance and l started on the 2nd of February. Now, l juice fruits and vegetables, eat fish and beans and snack on almonds. I will add whole grain carbs sometime later but now, l also want to lose the holiday weight l gained (all that cheating did me no good o).

Thanks for reading and please if you are using this supplement or have used it in the past, pls share your experiences. Caligal, how is it working for you? Please get in touch, sis.

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6 Responses to My 8th day on Serrapeptase……

  1. Caligal says:

    I fell off the band wagon about a week ago. Initially when I started taking the supplements, I had no side effects. But, after about 4 or 5 days, I experienced cramp-like feelings on both sides of my abdomen. I decided to take a break last Thursday, and did not experience any pains after 2 days of not taking the supplement. I plan to get back on it though. Honestly, it is so hard sticking to the drastic change in lifestyle (i.e diet, supplements etc).

    • Oh no, sorry about hear about that. I noticed some pain too but didn’t stop as l had read online that it means it’s working on the scar tissues and adhesions. Now the pain is gone. Hopefully, you will be able to get back on it cos my sister, this thing works!!
      Combined with that diet l mentioned in my post, l’ve just had my best period in a very long time. The diet is admittedly very hard but as the blogger-Hoghugs- wrote, we have to tell ourselves that we are doing it for our kids. The first week on the diet was the hardest but now, my body has grown accustomed to it.
      You can do it, sis. Stay blessed.

  2. Olivia says:

    I too began taking Serrapeptase, along with Nattokinase, after reading Hoghugs’ blog. Within days all my endo pain was gone and I had the most painfree period of my life. Also, my menstrual blood was bright red and a steady flow (all good signs, per my acupuncturist, meaning the blood was flowing fresh and freely). I took it for about 2 months, along with an endo diet, but stopped due to a change in acupuncturists. Also, after getting a new ultrasound, my cysts showed they were larger. My new acupuncturist wanted me to try his speciality herbs and I didn’t want to mix all the extra supplements. After being on the herbs for 3+ months, my cycles have gotten longer and are painful. I will stop the herbs and begin the Serra/Natto regimen again this week. Best luck to you, me, and all of the “trying-moms” out there!

    • Great to hear from another sister using the supplements! But wait o, did you say your cysts were larger after 2 months on it or you meant smaller? Pls confirm.
      It’s so frustrating to know the painful cycles have come back because you started using herbs. I wonder why his herbs didn’t work as well but good to know you’ll be back on Serrapeptase n Nattokinase. By God’s Grace,our testimonies are on the way!
      Stay blessed and keep in touch, sis.

      • Olivia says:

        Hello! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, the cysts (2, one in each ovary) were slightly larger after 2 months on Serra/Natto, but also keep in mind that the previous vaginal ultrasound was 6 months prior, so there was a 3-4 month period of no treatment prior to the start of Serra/Natto. During that time, I was in shock & sadness of just being diagnosed with endo; a diagnosis that only occurred because I went to see a fertility specialist. I live in the US and doctors here pretty much give zero advice on how to effectively treat endo, so I’ve pretty much have had to research everything online on my own. Another supplement I tried was Vitamin B6 100mg daily (another HogHug recomendation). This helped me regulate my menstrual cycle; first month I tried it my usual 32-40 day cycle came in at 28 days! I also stopped taking it for the herbs, but will begin this week. Also, Maca powder helps with regulating hormones and increasing sex drive as well. Here’s to God’s future blessings that we will soon meet! 🙂

      • That’s the frustrating issue with this disease. The doctors have no idea on how to effectively treat the disease apart from surgery which complicates things even further.
        May God help us all, sis. Hopefully, when you have been back on the Serrapeptase n Nattokinase supplements for a few months, you can then go for a scan again. Good luck!

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