My IVF story-pt 3

origin_3480173908Hi everyone. Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments. God bless you all.

My AMH was less than 3.1; the normal level for a woman my age should be 10. The consultant said the endometrioma (cysts) and operations had done a number on my ovaries and significantly reduced my ovarian reserve. My mind went blank then and it took the pressure of my hubby’s hand on mine and his embrace to bring me back to reality again. I said a silent prayer and composed myself. After all, it takes only one egg to make a baby, right? The consultant recommended that l should be placed on Gonapeptyl immediately to suppress my monthly cycle. She had initially said at the 1st appointment that l would be on the injections for 3 months but in the light of the recent results, she decided 2 months would be enough.

My hubby and l went on holiday after the 1st injection because we needed to get away from the stress of it all and just relax. It was a beautiful Mediterranean island and it was so romantic and idyllic. It was the perfect place to de-stress and we came back to London fully revitalized and ready for the months ahead. I received the 2nd injection the following month and after a transvaginal ultrasound at the end of that month, the consultant said l was ready for the next stage which was ovarian stimulation, the most stressful stage of all. A nurse showed me how to use the injections and all the drugs required were delivered to the house via a private health service. I had to inject myself twice at the same time every night for 14 days and the 1st day was almost a disaster because my fear of needles took over. I was shaking so badly that my hubby had to take over. That picture above is an exact replica of one of the injections and it had to go ALL the way in! By the 5th day, l was a bit better at it although my lower stomach was now swollen at the injection points. I was bloated, tired and irritable.  I couldn’t afford to take any more time off work because l had to save the rest for the scan appointments, egg collection stage and transfer stage so l had to grin and bear it.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the hospital whose experience had hitherto been fantastic, suddenly became unpleasant and very distressing. The 1st thing l noticed when l went in for a scan after 5 days on the injections was that my consultant had been changed. Naturally, l was concerned because l had become attached to the female consultant and this new one was a man. My concerns became alarms when during the scan, the consultant casually mentioned that l had a big fibroid! I nearly fell off the scanning bed. What??!!! Fibroid ke? When did that happen? Was it because of the stimulation injections? I was rattling off questions so fast, l was almost incoherent. He then glanced at his notes and said he mistook the cyst for a fibroid. A mistake?! Why didn’t he read his notes before he saw me? l wasn’t a happy bunny, l tell you. This was of the most stressful procedures a woman can go through and the last thing she needed was a trained specialist making a mistake. Anyway, he said my follicles were growing at a nice rate-l had 4 follicles on my left ovary where the cyst was and 3 on my right ovary- and l was given another appointment in 3 days. I confided in my hubby but he said anyone could make a mistake. I wasn’t reassured and couldn’t let go of it in my mind. At the next appointment, l saw the same consultant again and this time, he said my cyst had to be drained because it was too big. Once again, l became alarmed. I told him what the original consultant had said and he said he had to confirm with her. I couldn’t believe it. All these information should be on my file which he had on his desk so why the contradictions? He came back into the room and said he had confirmed with my original consultant and she had maintained the cyst would not be removed. I told myself this wasn’t happening. What happened next was the last straw. On the scanning bed, l had to undergo another transvaginal scan and it was just too uncomfortable. I told him that l was in pain but he said l just had to endure it because he wouldn’t be able to see the follicles otherwise. I was furious. Any consultant worth his salt would know that how to carry out a scan on someone with endo because of the pain involved. I made up my mind right there and then. I went up to the front desk and demanded that l either get my original consultant back or change this current one.

To be concluded. Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to My IVF story-pt 3

  1. drnsmusings says:

    Meeeeen! It’s so easy to be trivial with someone else’s pain. God help us

    • Too easy. I guess it was because the treatment was free. My hubby and l have been researching and looking at some private IVF clinics’ brochures for some time now and the difference is unbelievable.
      Their lists are more comprehensive and there are many more blood tests that are carried out to determine the best treatment for the patient . After all, each patient is different. With the NHS ( at least in my own experience ), it was just one size fits all.

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