My IVF story-pt 2

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

So on our 1st appointment , my hubby and l got to the hospital bright and early barely able to contain our excitement. Our turn came up and the consultant turned out to be a lovely lady who took us through the lVF procedure and our schedules for the following months. We had our recent scan results with us and that was when she dropped the 1st bombshell; my ovarian cyst which was about 7cm and causing me a lot of pain, would not be drained. I had done a lot of research on it and it was recommended that ovarian cysts should be drained to ensure better lVF success rates. The consultant however said draining it might affect the ovary and she didn’t want to risk it. She recommended further scans to check if the cyst had grown and of course, blood tests eg HIV, Hepatitis B and C, syphilis , FSH, AMH, etc. My hubby was recommended to undergo semen analysis as well.

Okay, l have to be a bit technical here; please bear with me. FSH( Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland and it causes follicles -which are sacs in the ovaries that contain eggs- to grow. It is the primary hormone responsible for producing eggs. It can be checked on day 2 or 3 of a woman’s menstrual cycle and high levels indicate low ovarian reserve. AMH( Anti-Mullerian Hormone) on the other hand, is a hormone produced by the cells lining the egg sacs (follicles) within the ovary. It can be measured anytime unlike FSH and low levels indicate low ovarian reserve. Therefore, these two hormones are crucial to the success of lVF.

So in the following months, we were in and out of several departments in the hospital for the various tests. We also had to fill in several documents that required our consent on freezing eggs, sperm, embryos etc. Our family’s medical history, donor options and decisions to be taken in case of death of a spouse among other vital information were also required. It was all very detailed and quite frankly, a bit intrusive but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. I will say however that a woman should count herself lucky if she can conceive naturally and give birth without any complications. I mean, such women can never know how it feels to have your whole reproductive system dissected, examined and reexamined over and over through no fault of your own. Blood tests, vaginal examinations and transvaginal ultrasounds, technical medical names, the list is endless. All for what should be the most natural thing in the world; get pregnant and have a baby. Well, we held on to God’s word; that He would not give us a problem beyond our control.

So after a couple of months, our results were out(the NHS is exceedingly slow) and we were back in the consultant’s room. My heart was pounding as l sat there, praying for everything to be fine and squeezing my hubby’s hand for support. As the consultant read out the results, l was mentally ticking them off in my head. Blood tests for diseases, check; hubby’s result, check; scan result( cyst was still 7cm, thank God), check; FSH level a bit high at 12( it should be 10 or under but the consultant wasn’t too worried), check; AMH……. uncheck…..big problem.

To be contd. Thanks for reading.

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3 Responses to My IVF story-pt 2

  1. ade says:

    With God all things are possible my dear.Just keep believing in him.I am a living testimony.I was diagnosed with blocked tubes,wasnt ovulating and pcos and my husband had male factor infertility too and we were referred for ICSI at kings college hospital as he had low sperm motility and morpology.i also had fibroid and was told the fibroid had to be removed before the IVF cos of their sizes.I got pregnant while waiting for the letter for the fibroid surgery and the IVF wasn’t required anymore after being told we 0couldnt conceive naturally.My dear keep believing God and am sure he is oon your case at the same time still seek medical help.

    • Thanks so much for commenting, Ade! God will always make a way when there’s none. Wow, what a testimony. By His Grace, there will be more of these amazing testimonies this year in Jesus Name, Amen
      God bless you and congrats on your little miracle!

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