My IVF story-pt 1

origin_3480173908Hi everyone.

I had an unsuccessful IVF treatment last year and it was harrowing to say the least. If you live in the UK, you are entitled to free lVF treatment on the NHS although the number of cycles you are allowed to have depends on the borough where you live.  This however contradicts the guidance of NICE( National lnstitute for Health and Clinical Excellence) available on the NHS website which recommends up to 3 IVF cycles if a woman is between 23 and 39; if she has been diagosed with a fertility problem or been infertile for at least 2 years. I passed all these with flying colours and yet l was only entitled to 1 lVF cycle in my borough. l was really unhappy with this but having gone through the treatment at the East London hospital l was referred to, l am now so grateful! I had a terrible experience there and l don’t think l would have gone back even if they had paid me.

Let me start at the beginning. I was referred for IVF in 2010 by my GP to the East London hospital even though it wasn’t our first choice. After attending a fertility show, my hubby and l learned we could actually request to change the hospital to our first choice which is a top hospital in Central London-UCH. However, my GP said the NHS primary care trust(PCT) in my borough only deals with the East London hospital regarding IVF but she would still try and write to them pleading our case( l already had a gynaecologist in UCH). My GP wrote the letter late 2010 but there was no reply until mid 2011 and it was a resounding No. It was frustrating as my hubby and l felt we had just one chance and we wanted to make sure we had the one of the best NHS hospitals with greater lVF success rates but as it turned out, we had no choice but to go for it.

The waiting list was about a year and we received the letter stating we had been approved for lVF treatment funding in late 2012 and it would commence in early 2013. Despite our earlier disappointment about the hospital, we were still very excited about the news. 2012 couldn’t end soon enough for us and we were so grateful to God for the opportunity of free treatment. We committed the whole procedure to Him and prayed for His Will to be done. We talked about baby names and how many embryos we would transfer into the womb (he wanted 2, l wanted 3!). Nursery plans resumed with vigour and a certain John Lewis baby department near home became our favourite haunt on Saturday evenings even though the prices were outrageous! Still, l loved the feeling of being among other parents and parents to be. Our parents and siblings were thrilled and prayed for us-my Dad (unknown to me then) began a 1 year fast for us.

Finally, it was 2013 and our 1st meeting came up and so did the 1st disappointment….to be contd. Thanks for reading.

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7 Responses to My IVF story-pt 1

  1. Julit says:

    It is well with you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Been reading silently for ages. All I can say is, I cant imagine how hard it must be to write this, but I know the God i serve never EVER fails. I have heard of many failed IVF stories who then end up having a child without IVF… and many IVF failed first attempts that succeed at second or third or 4th attempts. Keep holding unto God dearest. Be like that woman who disturbed the unrighteous judge until he granted her request. Keep banging on Heaven’s door, give God no rest ( while you also do what you can here on earth within your power_). I trust God that one day, ill visit this page and see a title that says:” And the twins arrived…”!! In Jesus name, Be strong. Hugs.


  3. Samantha says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you hunny I had my first round of free IVF in 2013 and it was devastating and I suffered a lot afterwards xx

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