Ectopic pregnancy in IVF and endometriosis

origin_6607096583 Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend.

This year has been fantastic so far. I know it’s just the 12th of January but l have been blessed with many encouraging stories of women who have overcome this disease (or at least, say the disease has receded) because of successful pregnancies. However, for this particular story l am about to share, it took over 10 IVF treatments and 5 ectopic pregnancies. We have been aquaintances with this much older couple for some time but they only shared their story at the start of this year. l can’t believe that when l started this blog about 2 months ago, l bemoaned the lack of Nigerian and African women endo sufferers speaking up and creating awareness for this disease and now, inspirational stories are just pouring in from people l never suspected or expected.

They had gone through 10 IVF treatments, some of which resulted in ectopic pregnancies.  This is where a pregnancy occurs outside the womb especially in the fallopian tubes. Although ectopic pregancies can also occur when a woman concieves without the aid of fertility treatments, lVF can increase the chances. lt can be really confusing why this is so given the fact that lVF bypasses the fallopian tubes altogether but fertility experts believe that ectopic pregnancies may occur if, when embryos are transferred to the womb, they are placed too high in the womb cavity hence they have a greater chance of implanting themselves in other places like the fallopian tubes. Endometriosis can also increase the chances of ectopic pregnancies because of scar tissues and adhesions which can interfere with the ability of the fertilised egg to reach the uterus.

So this lady had a lot to contend with. Doctors had told them not to bother after the 6th IVF attempt and her FSH levels (more on that later) had increased significantly. She suffered from depression and friends said a lot of hurtful things; one even jokingly saying that the hubby was only just wasting his seminal fliud by not “targeting” it well! But God was still faithful. They were recommended to another hospital where after 4 more attempts, they now have a special boy. Their advice is to seek help early, avoid negative people and PRAY without ceasing.

l was just humbled by their story and amazed at their resilience. l could never imagine going through 10 treatments: my first attempt still gives me the shivers!  Looking at them now, you can never know they went through that experience: their child made all the pain worth it. My endo sisters, whatever method you choose to have children in your lives, submit it to God and He will make a way where there seems none. Thanks for reading.

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