Amazing start to the New Year!

Hi everyone, l heard some wonderful news from an endo sister on the 1st of January and just had to share with you all. She left a comment on one of the posts and l asked for her permission to turn it into a post.This year is indeed our year of Victory! Please read and be inspired

“I don’t know how to send this to you so l’m posting here.

God will ease your pain and answer your prayers. I have stage 4 endo, scar tissue everywhere. Ovaries stuck to intestines. I don’t need to describe the pain cos you know. I used to say Endo ruined my life, couldn’t practice my profession and had to become a housewife. Some people don’t talk to me anymore because l missed their parties. If only they knew the kind of pain l deal with 3 weeks in a month.

I had 2 surgeries, was told by a surgeon l have a 1% chance of getting pregnant and he won’t do any more surgeries on me. I was sent to the best surgeon in the state who did my last surgery and told me l could get pregnant. I also had pneumothorax(collapsed lung) twice due to Endo. With prayers and treatments, l am expecting twins after 5 years of marriage and tears. My hubby and l cried reading your posts, it’s like we wrote your blog. Your prayers will be answered and you will carry your children, Amen.”

T also commented that her mum met several ladies who had Endo and now have kids after battling with infertility. Her mum told her NEVER to give up hope and to believe it would happen and it DID. She wants everyone out there to know that Endo is NOT a life sentence. My endo sisters, there may be pain in the night but joy indeed comes in the morning.  This year is our year. We will share more of these amazing testimonies together in Jesus Name, Amen.

Congrats again , T. Twins!!! God is forever faithful. Here’s wishing you a very safe delivery. Thanks so much for sharing your story and may His Blessings, Grace and Favour never cease in your home, Amen. God bless you.

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20 Responses to Amazing start to the New Year!

  1. Ruby Suze says:

    Wow! i came across your blog when I was poke nosing through Bella Naija’s article on Bimbo Akintola. Just wanted to say that God hears your prayers and he has already answered, most importantly – he loves you. He really does. I’ve had a long journey to having now had my son and I’m looking forward to sharing my testimony very soon. Although, I don’t have endo, I know others who have and I can feel the pain. No matter what your ‘issue’ is as per your journey to having children…the wait can be agonising. My heart cries out to you and all your readers. This is not pity…this is me holding out my hand and saying – I hear you, I’m praying for you but, God love you more.

    • Thanks so much, Ruby. I’ll say a resounding Amen to that prayer. May His Grace and Blessings never cease in your home, Amen.
      You must have an amazing testimony to share ! I’m definitely looking forward to it. God bless you, sister

  2. drnsmusings says:

    Happy New year. It’s not easy to step outside your pain to be a shoulder for others to cry on. You are awesome. In our mad rush for miracles, we forget to hold hands with sisters in the same predicament. You are officially my sister. This year, God will wipe away your tears. Love, N.

    • Happy New Year to you too, N! I’m so touched by your comment, thanks so much and amen to that prayer. I give God all the credit; l couldn’t have survived without Him and that’s no cliche. He has been consistent and faithful every single waking day through my tears and fears.
      My prayer is for every endo sister out there to experience unbelievable testimonies BUT also to know that while waiting on The Lord and going through pain, He is still God and He hasn’t forsaken us.
      Thanks again, my sister. May God’s Blessings and Favour never cease in your home, Amen. Stay blessed.

  3. Sisi says:

    Wow, I shed tears reading that. The same tears that I will shed when your own testimony is complete. There really is nothing that God cannot do, in our pain He is God, in our joy He is God. Continue to trust Him and believe His word concerning your life. I don’t have diagnosed endo, but I can relate, having the over 10 years of Dysmenorrhea from the age of 10 to discovering a lump (fibroadenoma) in my right boob last year. I know God can heal me, last year the pain subsided after years of torment everymonth – new drug (naxprosyn) and of course my heavenly Father. I also found your blog on a bellanaija post btw.

    • Thanks so much for your prayer and comment, Sisi. I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I can’t imagine what you are going through but l believe fibroadenoma is benign( l stand to be corrected ). That in itself is truly something to be thankful for. Hang on to your faith and God will never forsake you. I join you in the prayer for healing and by His Grace, we will share ground breaking testimonies together in Jesus Name, Amen
      God bless you, sister and please stay in touch.

  4. kiki says:

    you blog is boring…why no pictures?

  5. OmoMakun says:

    This post just made my day!, Praying for a safe and swift delivery for her in Jesus name. We will celebrate your own too in Jesus name…

  6. opeoluwa says:

    Happy new year sisters,I am very positive about this year…God is able. Sisi I am particularly interested in your story cos its similar to mine…I v had lump removed in my ryt breast n dey recently found a lump each in both breast though doctors v said its nufn 2 worry abt (dey r very small in size) and for 2months now I v had less pain during my cycle thanks to the use of ibucap 4/5days ( a dose everyday) b4 d start of a new cycle….to the owner of this blog;God will surprise you…this year you and your husband will share pictures of your baby. God bless you for doing this,God bless you!

    • Amen !!Thanks so much for your prayers, Ope. This year, you, Sisi, Anne and every sister out there in similar situations will receive complete healing in Jesus Name, Amen !
      God bless you and keep in touch.

  7. Julit says:

    My sister in-law has endometriosis. After series of IVF treatments she has an adorable son who is just a year old and is carrying quadruplets now. God hears. There’s an awesome doctor in Abuja. Interested sisters should let me know. God used that doctor to make a difference in her life. Cheers.

    Hey! You will smile soon and trusty me you won’t even remember the pains you’ve been through.

  8. Olivia says:

    Thank you for this blog and thank you for your faith. I’m new to your site and after a tough day yesterday (and, honestly, the entire year of 2013) I needed to read this message today. This is indeed our year. Babies, get on your way to meet your mamas! 🙂

    • Aaww! So good to have another sister on board. God will turn all our negatives to positives and we will share amazing testimonies together, Amen.
      Stay strong, sis . You are not alone!

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