New year, New hope, New blessings

Hi everyone, l can’t believe it’s only a few hours to the New Year. In fact, countries like New Zealand and Australia have already welcomed in 2014!

2013 has been a year of mixed blessings for me. I started the year with IVF treatment and was so convinced that it would work. Why wouldn’t it? I made sure everything was on point- diet, supplements, acupuncture, prayers and fasting etc. We even went on holiday to a romantic getaway-a lovely Mediterranean island- to  de-stress and get ready for ovarian stimulation. I remember us looking into the calm ocean and discussing baby names and how many embryos will be transferred. The ovarian stimulation stage was by far the most stressful stage in the entire process. I couldn’t believe l had to inject myself everyday for 14 days at the same time given the fact that l detest needles but l had no choice. The 1st day was the hardest; l was shaking so badly that my hubby had to step in. By the 5th day, l was better at it though my lower stomach was now slightly swollen at the injection points. Hmmm….at this juncture, let me stop here. My IVF story is a story for another time.

I guess my point is life doesn’t always work the way we plan; it works according to God’s Plan. Our main focus should be that His Will should be done in our lives. After my IVF disappointment, He showed me the constant blessings in my life-my husband, parents, friends- and that made me realise that no matter how bad things get, l’ll always count my blessings and praise Him. My endo sisters and other ladies going through other forms of infertility, He is still God and His Word will come to pass in our lives.

In the short time since l started this blog, l have come across some amazing ladies whose words of comfort and encouragement have made me realise there are indeed beautiful women with hearts of gold out there- Abena, Emamuzo, Befe Muriel, Missy, Mz Yang, Natty, Seyonhundeyin, Nafteta (still waiting for your story), Chinenye, OmoMakun, Jcsgirl, Nik, Toby, Gretel, Anigold, Tgirl, Opeoluwa,, Olly, Tara, Mrs B, Tolu, Caligal , Meg, daughterofherking, Deborah and Margery- you ladies are the best. To all the ladies waiting on the Lord, He will give us unbelievable testimonies in the New year. And to all the other ladies that offered their prayers and support, may The Lord’s Blessings and Mercies never cease in your homes. To all the men , thanks for your support. To Femi, God will surprise you and your lovely wife in the New Year. Forgive me if l’ve left out anyone; God bless you all.

May the New Year be a year of new hope and blessings for us all, Amen. Happy New Year, everyone. Thanks for reading.


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6 Responses to New year, New hope, New blessings

  1. OmoMakun says:

    Happy New Year my sister! I’m praying in agreement with you that 2014 shall be your year of victory in Jesus name. I pray that the next round of IVF shall be successful in Jesus name. I know my God in heaven has heard your cries, and I stand with you…God shall honor you with the title of “Mother” in 2014 in the mighty name of Jesus.

    • Awww, Amen, amen and amen!!! Thanks so much for all the prayers, sis. I feel so blessed !!
      May God meet you at your point of need this New Year and may His Grace and Blessings never cease in your home, Amen. God bless you!

  2. jcsgrl says:

    Happy new year to you my sis. May all our hopes and dreams come true

  3. Caligal says:

    Happy new year sis. May God’s grace, favor, and mercies abound in our lives this year and always. Remain blessed.

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