Free IVF Treatment

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

I came across the website about IVF and l thought l should share it with you. l had an unsuccessful lVF earlier this year (will share my story soon) and will be going through another one next year. My previous cycle was with the NHS which was free so that got me thinking about my home country and how affordable it is for women in similar situations.

This website belongs to the Fertility Treatment Support Foundation. It was established as a result of the prevalence of infertility in the Nigerian society and how the affordability of treatment is one of the most common causes for concern for fertility challenged couples. The foundation is in partnership with Nordica Fertility Centre Lagos which is headed by Dr Abayomi Ajayi and they will give 16 lucky Nigerians FREE Ivf treatment cycle for the next two years ie 2 Nigerians every quarter. Ten candidates will be screened per quarter and two would be chosen for the free IVF treatment.

Now this contest will require couples to submit a 3 min video to the website narrating their stories. It had actually started since February this year but it will be ongoing for 2 years so it is worth a trial. My IVF experience was traumatic to say the least and the last thing you need is financial worries.

Thanks for reading.

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