A rude awakening

Hi all, welcome to my blog. I’m extremely new at this but l’ve kept it bottled up for so long so l just need an outlet for my emotions. I just want to talk or rather, write so here goes……

I found out l had endometriosis about 2 months into my marriage. As you can imagine, l was devastated. I mean ,here l was thinking l was pregnant because l felt faint on my way to work.l was taken to the hospital where l was given the horrible news. All kinds of thoughts went through my mind;  my husband’s reaction, babies, operations etc. I had a 15 centimetres cyst( yes, you heard right) on my right ovary which required immediate surgery. It was pressing down on my nerves and causing immense pain on my right side of my stomach, back thigh, leg and foot.  Naively, l had assumed they were early pregnancy pains. Looking back now, l realised l must had this condition for a long time even though l was only diagonised in 2006. My periods changed in 2004; became heavier and much more painful. My GP put it down as a change of environment issue as l had recently relocated to London from my home country. By 2005, the period pain had tripled, l was missing work and school and running temperature along with vomiting.  I also developed a dull throbbing pain in my right side after my period. Once again, my GP told me to avoid sugar and junk food. My then fiance( now hubby) was fantastic; he would patiently wipe my vomit and cuddle me to sleep. So when l was finally diagonised, it was actually a relief even though l was still holding on desperately to my pregnancy hopes( l blatantly refused to do a pregnancy test). I can still remember the doctor telling me l was still quite young (29 then) so l shouldn’t worry too much. My operation was a laparatomy- a large incision through the abdominal wall- and it was a success. I was told the cyst was as large as a very small baby. The doctors also said my insides were inflamed and stuck together because of the disease.

I would like to stop here today. Thanks for reading.

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12 Responses to A rude awakening

  1. ewuraabena says:

    Hello, am with you
    Have a story just like yours and am still battling with it
    But God is a miracle God

  2. befe muriel naanen says:

    In proverbs, the bible says “as a man thinketh so he is”. Also the bible also said “just as the wheel of a ship controls the ship so does ur tongue”. The bible also said that “Abraham, even though he knew he was old,he still had unshaken faith believing that the God who said he will be a father of many nation has already done it”. I am just quoting the bible in my understanding but u can do research if u doubt me. Madam, I want u 2 pls do something 4 me. Wear a pregnancy gown, stuff ur tommy with cloth like ur pregnant. Be happy when ur doing it. Laugh like its real. Look at the mirror admire urself. Laugh really hard let people think uve gone nuts.That’s faith. Buy the cloth for twin babies “a boy and a girl”. Buy their crip and all they need. Create a space for ur twins. The God who did it 4 my mum will do it 4 u. My mum had cyst but had faith and she gave birth 2 me. I am no longer a small kid but she keep reminding me of how I was born.

    Before u sleep in the nite say, “I have the most healthy body in the world, my life is so perfect”. Be happy when ur doing it. Practice laughing sections in front of the mirror. Laugh like u have never laughed before.

    Pls I beg u do this. I love to help a sister.

    • Thanks a lot, sis. That’s something l will take into consideration. Right now, my husband lays his hands on my stomach every morning and prays on it. I do the same too and like l mentioned, we are already window shopping for baby stuff.

  3. ewuraabena says:

    Thank you sister. Blessed by your encouragement. Will be heading to the shops soon.

  4. jcsgrl says:

    Wow, just found your blog from BN. I too was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and had operation early this year. Been unable to conceive for 5 yrs but im soo grateful to God for where I am today. I am in such a happy and content place and trusting God that our joy will be full. Great job on your blog and May God grant you the desires of your heart

  5. tgirl says:

    hey darl. you should check out the TTC thread on Nairaland for a support system

    • Thanks for the comment, sis. I did check nairaland before starting this blog but there was nothing on endometriosis there. Endo sufferers are dealing with a two fold problem- pain of endometriosis AND trying to conceive

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